[Solved] Can I get a duplicate of a pattern??


So I used to store all the patterns I wasnt currently using in my “archive” tab to have a better visualization of those I WAS working on in “my patterns”
Now everything in my “archive” seem to be patterns I currently do NOT have until I move them back to “my patterns”
So, if I see a pattern I like, I have to go check in my archive folder to make sure I actually do not have it to avoid 1- getting a duplicate or 2- waste one of the daily free patterns.
Now, my question is, do I really have to keep checking? Or is the platform “smart” enough to know I already have it (even if its saying “get now” instead of “ribblr it!”)???

This question leads me to a 2nd question… And that is: If I have to move all my patterns from archive into the “my pattern” folder to avoid this duplicate/having to double check issue… Is there a plan to be able to move more than 1 at a time??? Or a plan to have more folders?

Thank you!


We have implemented the ability to work directly on a archived pattern, as well as the ability of the system to know you already have it on the pattern product page.
This should solve these issues.

Let us know if it’s working for you,
Avi @ Tech team


Thank you! You are the best! Seems to be working perfectly now :heart: