Some advice needed

Hello everyone!
I need some advice if that’s okay.
I started crocheting few months ago and I think I’m good at it. I always had a talent for crafts like these I can knit, embroider, sew, and now crochet. I’m mostly interested in making plushies and since discovering this site I have been motivated to upload a small easy pattern. I really do want to try making one but I have no idea how. Could someone give me advice about starting to make new patterns? Right now I want to make something easy like octopus or a little dinosaur whatever is easy to crochet for a beginner.
And thank you all in advance. I really appreciate it.


Start to experiment with shapes and techniques before you get to actual pattern writing. Note what works and what doesn’t. Watch videos on pattern writing and pattern editing, those can be helpful.


I would also suggest using a ‘cheaper’ yarn for the try and error process of writing (as you mentioned you are just beginning and havent written a pattern yet)
I know of a lot of designers who only use white yarn for the whole plush
Best of luck!


I agree with @Winternightmare , you should probably start to experiment with different techniques and shapes before jumping into pattern writing. See what works for you and what makes since to you!
Good luck :smiling_face:


Have some inspiration, some people sketch it out.

The pattern writing process is very simple once you get the hang of it.

I start with my idea in mind, and I don’t write them in ribblr first, I use a notes app.

Then I write each step as I do it:
SC 6 in a MR [6]
(Sc, inc) x 6 [9]
Inc x 9 [18]
Sc x 18

And so on…

Lets say you’re doing something more intricate, be sure you explain what you’re doing, where you’re making these stitches, if you’re doing something with the FLO/BLO be sure to note which sts are only in the FLO/BLO. Its helpful to add photos or videos to better explain what you’re doing.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with freehanding and aren’t certain on what to do to get the result you want, I suggest doing exactly what Winter suggested before moving onto pattern writing. Once you understand how the construction of a piece works, the pattern writing is the “easy” part.


@CraftsByAdrivs @BumbleNBunny (turns out new users can only mention two accounts but I’m grateful to all four of you :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :see_no_evil:) Thank you all so much! Of course as a beginner I was not gonna start writing them in Ribblr :sweat_smile: but this is actually really motivating I am a beginner but I believe I can make patters as well. I just need a visual or something to give me a kickstart. I have a hard time actually picturing things in mind so they do help. Also I don’t have any safety eyes to use so I was wondering how black yarn goes with the plush yarn to make eyes. Would that work? (well of course it works :sweat_smile: I don’t know if it will be pretty tho) :smiling_face:


I mean, ive been crocheting for a little over a year now, but I wrote my first pattern in maybe june of last year, and didnt make ANY more till around march of this year (my first pattern is pretty bad…)
But pinterest is a great place for inspiration, i get a lot of inspo from simple graphics…

I usually use safety eyes, but I’m going to link you to a sewn eye tutorial that I use, it’s also quite cute, you could also just sew little lines, like sleeping eyes?

(Im not sure if this will link you to the exact reel, so let me know if its doesn’t…it should tho, Instagram is weird)


I prefer to type the instructions right into Ribblr. I think if you read the many tutorials about Ribbuild it would help you a lot. This is a link to the help center that might help you learn what you need here. Ribblr help center



In regards to your question about using yarn for eyes instead of safety eyes, lots of people do it (myself included) and they always come out so cute! If you “mess up” it’s not really messing up, it just gives it even more personality :wink: (or you can take out your stitches and redo them until you get the result you want)


You can also cut shapes out of felt and sew them on. Or use buttons for eyes!


Hi! I started creating my own patterns a couples weeks ago. I found that all my patterns are small, so start with something small as @BumbleNBunny had said if your making a plushy you mainly start with MR the inc the sc inc and so on. I would say keep the inc going until your project is around the size you desire. The sc around the make the body, the you start Decreasing . If you project is big when you start Dec then just sc, Dec and it will help. :slight_smile: hope this helps!


I use safety eyes and make my own. Making your own is fairly easy. I always begin with black for pupil then add iris and a row of white. Advice stick to thinner weights or mercerized cotton because you can use smaller hooks to achieve smaller eyes. Or you can embroider
Directly on the face with embroidery floss.

My advice for starting practice on magic ring
And various formulas with it
Mc 4 sc into circle
Mc 6 sc into circle
Mc 8 sc into circle
This gives different looks of being pointier vs flat.

Adding a link as well for tips on amigurumi as well below