✨❤️some info!!

Hi everyone!! So I know I said I would be releasing four patterns… And I am don’t worry!! I just got super busy and ran into a few problems with the other patterns :smiling_face_with_tear:
I gave you all the hint that all the patterns fly but I had to scrap two of the four patterns because I made them a bit too similar to someone else’s pattern by accident and I didn’t want to seem like I was copying them.

So! I will still be releasing the one other pattern that I didn’t have to scrap, yippee!!
(Tester call soon)

But now I don’t know what other patterns to make
So if y’all are able to drop some ideas in the comments I would be really grateful!! (Maybe some summer themed animals?)
If your idea is chosen I will let you know before hand and give you the choice to test it or I’ll just gift you the pattern

Sorry if I disappointed any of you guys!


Thank you for any ideas :heart::heart::heart:

The first of the four patterns:



you should make a hippo, hedgehog, or a dog


you could make a crab!! if you wanna be really fancy, a hermit crab (with a shell on his back). or a shark!!

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