Some testing question✨

Hello, I started using that app not a long time ago, and decided to join some tester calls to have more motivation to create something. At start every crochet call I got in made specjal chat and it was easy to communicate questions and info about finishing. Right now I’m one few tester calls that don’t have a chat and here my question begins
-how do I know I got into test (I think it there is no chat I also didn’t get notifications) and later found it in testing tab
-how do I communicate problems with pattern and finishing product? (Do I just priv message?)
-how do I make my tests better? I inform about mistakes I find, and in journal try to add few photos while making project and my yarn and hook, but should be there anything else than that?
-if I test do I always get patter after that or it just depends on creator of pattern?
-last but not least, as I understood, karma is for finished test, but is it something that I only get when someone remembers to click or I get it when testing was closed? How does it work?

Thank you for reading :heart:


check the little diamond icon to check to see if you have any tests pop up. you can also log out log back in and refresh the app or website. Also if you are in a test and they don’t have a chat then message the designer with any issues. I just finished on myself that there was no chat but I had a way to communicate with them. also sometimes designers will reach out privately to make sure the testers know they got the test.


I really don’t know of any designers that do not gift the pattern after testing is completed correctly. Also, that is when you would get the karma. Completed correctly is the key.

Usually I invite chosen testers to a group chat to notify them. Acknowledgement of that with a yarn choice comment will let me know it was seen.

But, these are all great questions to ask before applying. Sometimes, making a tester call, we forget to add things like that.

A private message is fine for communicating. Myself, I like the group message, then you can see the suggestions made by other testers. It sounds like your communications during a test are just what we would be looking for. I like pictures in the group chat also, just to encourage one another. And proof of work. :wink: I don’t think I have any tests ready to go for a bit, but when I do, I hope you apply. Thanks for your interest in improving the process. :hugs:


I’ve had also a test with no information nor could I send I private message to the tester. I’ve finished it and made a journal but never heard a thing. :pensive:
Also not all testers are even quick with or gifting the pattern or taking it down from te testing tab. I leave them there and wait patiently what they will do.
Most people have a private testing group and gift te pattern after you’ve finished it in time as a token off their appreciation, some don’t :person_shrugging:


Thank you guys<3


You’re welcome