Something Crochet Pattern?

Hello everyone! I know that I’m currently testing a different pattern, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a pattern for Something form the game Omori? It’s one of my favorite games, but I can’t seem to find very many patterns for it. It may be a while before I come out with the pattern, but I still want to know if anyone would like it. Thanks for reading <3


Ask these guys for permission first to be safe


ah i hadn’t thought of that. i may not release one then as i don’t want to infringe on copyright


Don’t want to see anyone here get into trouble for it​:heart:

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thanks for looking out for us​:heart:

Thanks for being positive about it. The last time I had to “warn” about avoiding possible copyright infringement the response was not very nice.

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ah that’s a shame, i hope if yoy warn someone of it again, they are kind to you

hi!!! another omori fan!!! from what i’ve gathered, they’re pretty lenient concerning fanwork, but yeah it may be good to contact them since ribblr may fall under the “large stores” as described in this list

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ah okay, another lovely commenter pointed this out as well. i don’t think I’ll release the pattern just to be safe, but thanks for pointing it out!