SONGs I MADE #1 (cyber bullying)

I can’t seem to let go
Their words hurt more than you know :crutch:
I thought about what they said so much
It became true

They told me to die :skull:
And i thought they were right
No one needed me enough
To say i’m not a burden in their life

I was the girl who smiled every day :girl:
A person who hides inside her pain
A girl who had to leave home too soon :derelict_house:
Then home was no where anyone knew :question:

Oh no
i can’t
get them out of my head :thought_balloon:
They drilled it in and i can’t go to bed
They told me to go home and grab a weapon :gun:
I thought about it while death beckons

I told them my life is in their hand
Didn’t know I could take it back with a command
They told me i should just give up
I knew i should face up
But it’s hard when your not in the right place

Oh no
I don’t
Want to go back to that mind
Go away, it stays at the wrong time
… to be continued…

that’s what I have so far :sweat:
hope you like it :sweat_smile:


Nice job!


that sounds wonderful! i’m reading it prob in a different way you had it planned it to be…hope to see more of it soon!


it’s ok to read it different, but thank you so much!


:clap::clap::clap: Ooh this is good! I liked the part where you said “my life is in their hand, didn’t know I could take it back with a command”.
Your words are beautiful. I wish you all the good things​:yellow_heart:


wow. you are literally who I want to grow up to be :sob: like you’re so good with words and always capture the emotion behind them perfectly. I just- wow. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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