Songs I'd like to share

Swords are down and knives,
You put on garments of grace
And follow Christ,
How strong is your faith!
The fight is not against flesh,
Just one goal lies ahead –
To carry God’s laws to where
All evil strongholds prevail.

The glorious church – the heaven’s entrance
The humble power, faith’s foundation.
To the dry sea, you proclaim salvation,
You are the body of Christ.
Like the sunrise, you gracefully shine,
Illuminating the shadowy sky,
You have been summoned by God and inspired,
Heaven is brightened up with your light!

Evil you crush and lies,
Heal with the power of love.
And carry life,
To people from God.
Invincible, fearsome, brave
Deaf to the enemy’s threats
While your power you draw
From the reserves of the Lord


Why’s the world
Trapped in a vicious circle?
The sunsets are now chocking
With the war’s gory flood?
Bleeds my heart.
Brother forced to kill brother,
Soldiers mournfully gather
Being the sons of one blood.

Christian souls
Once on fire, now stale,
Fell as victims in vain…
Coldness, apathy, strife.
Brothers doze,
Ravens fly overhead.
Oh, we need to repent
We have broken God’s heart.

Time to rise,
Joining forces in pleading
To protect our people
With a monolith wall.
Comes the day –
God will judge, the clock’s ticking,

Before Him all are equal,
And the circle He’ll break.