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I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I thought support/feedback was most appropriate

I have seen a couple suggestions thrown out about new spaces (not personal spaces) and thought I would 1- throw my idea into the ring and 2- give everyone a central place to “sound off” with their ideas…

so my idea(s):
We have several seasoned designers that may enjoy chatting with other seasoned designers, but more we have many new/amateur designers that are constantly asking for pattern ideas… So what if each set had a space? a New Designer space that the seasoned designers could go in and give advice as they see fit, but could also ignore so they stop seeing the “what should I design?” posts and a Seasoned Designer space that is for those that already have their niche and set ways that could post whatever they want (new designers could still read and get tips, but the feed wouldn’t be clogged with the same question a million times over)

or maybe instead of designer space we have a “Brainstorming” space for those that want pattern ideas, color suggestions, etc

or as I type this I think a “Brainstorming” space for aforementioned reason and a “Designer” space for any designer talk that is NOT brainstorming…

Thoughts @Ribblr?

yes I know I could ask to make and “moderate” personal spaces, but these are not something that I would want to be “mine” but rather another space like Crochet, Knitting, General, etc


Yes. There seem to be a need for those who don’t know what to create! It would be great for them to have a personal space to discuss that.


I like the Brainstorming and designing idea! I do like how you think there should be some distinction between beginners and experienced people, so people can see how they may need to use different terms depending on the poster’s experience. (Hope this makes sense :sweat_smile:)


That does sound like a nice idea! Perhaps even special sections for giveaways and promotions as well that way it’s easier to find if you just want to see what patterns were released and being promoted or just want to see/join giveaways it’ll be easier to find them when they’re all grouped together (two different sections for the two)


experienced… that’s the word my brain refused to remember… (brain fog can be severe sometimes, I called a chair paper about 20 times knowing it was the wrong word and couldn’t seem to stop :laughing:)


I like the idea also. It would create less clutter on the main community page. I have been avoiding it lately because I really don’t have time, in the summer anyway.

I never answer the what should I make posts, so being able to block those would be helpful. Maybe a wheel spin idea like we have for giveaways, one each with animals, food, colors. :rofl:

Questions on ribbuild are not really something crafters would need to follow so that would help their community page also.


Yes, New Releases and Giveaways would be amazing additions


I know there was already a suggestion for a pattern drop/announcement space logged in the last few days, as well as floating the idea again of splitting amigurumi and crochet the same way tunisian is separate from crochet… all great ideas. But being able to mass mute the “I ran out of ideas” and “I can’t make a decision” by giving them a space would be a game changer!


I love the idea of a place for the more experienced designers to trade tips and hints , (like the discussions we’ve had about ribbuild) so that we can help each other get those advanced ideas worked out and published. with others on the same level.


Such great ideas and suggestions! :clap:

You are completely right. As our platform continues to grow we recognize there’s a need for a new feature suggestion space.

So here's a spolier for you!

:tada: We can confirm it’s coming very soon in our June Feature Drop. Our Support space will remain the main place to raise feature issues, ask for help, reports bugs etc. Topics like yours would go into the new space.

Those who have been on Ribblr for quite some time know how important feedback is to us, and how many new features & improvements are being implemented based on feedback.
Naturally we often get contradicting suggestions, so those that we see the need for and are a fit for Ribblr are likely to be implemented or added to our roadmap.

So thanks everyone and a shout out to @OBabyNMore for opening this topic.

Addressing some of the ideas shared here :point_down:

Firstly, we agree we need more filters.

Generally, we see spaces as the top level sections of the community.
We currently have 10 spaces (including the Lounge and the new Suggestion space that’s coming soon), and we do not want to overcrowd the community with many spaces that are too specific.
However, that’s exactly where tags come in!
Tags are a fantastic way to specifically mark topics so they can be filtered and keep the community organized.

For example, there’s a surge in giveaways on the community. Some may belong to our Crochet :yarn: space and some to our Knitting :yarn:. Some may wish to be notified about every giveaway post and some would like to see none. That’s why it’s important to add the tag giveaway to these posts.

You can use your profile settings to automatically watch, track or even mute specific tags.
When you mute a tag it means you won’t see any topics relating to it. When you watch a tag you’ll be notified of every new post or topic. You can also do the same for spaces.
Go to your profile → preferences → tracking. This is what you’ll see :point_down:

We also rely on our your help with tagging. :pray:
Some new users may not be familiar with all our tools.
So @regulars who see a topic without a tag can edit the title to add tags. Others can simply share a friendly reply.
If you do add tag to someone else’s post, please let them know so they can better utilize our tagging tools.

Thanks to your great feedback, we went ahead and added new tags including:

  • pattern-drop - to be used when announcing a new pattern drop.
  • need-ideas - to be used when asking for ideas for what to make next.

Lastly, we’re always open to new personal spaces - private and public ones. These are designed for specific groups or themes. For example, our new Teen Crafters is a great space for teen crafters to come together to talk about teen-only things. With that in mind, any group member is also welcome to use any of our other spaces, of course.
Let us know if you are interested in opening a personal space.


I don’t know about others, but I would love to have more spaces… especially if personal spaces can be added, what’s the difference for public spaces?
The suggestions space sounds nice, but honestly I would prefer a brainstorm space so I can mute it…
I know I can mute tags, but as you stated, they have to be used…


Tbh both spaces and tags need to be used in the exact same way. So it’s more about having the right structure in place.


And we have to not get yelled at for correcting them


And now I have a glitch trying to mute tags… I’m in my preferences, tracking scrolled down to tags and mute, but when I click the drop down menu it tries to being up my keyboard, puts it away, then does nothing for the drop down menu
On Samsung galaxy


Send a PM to the team with screen shots if you can so someone can take a look for you.
Btw you can mute tags by clicking on any tag anywhere in the community then click the bell icon :blush:


good to know

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I know how much you dig my screenshots… so I clicked on the tag, and I go tot he place where the bell is, but the name of the tag is missing when I click the bell my only options are “watching” “tracking” “watching first post”


I’ve come across soo many I’d love to mute but they’re just stuffed in general under a possibly non matching tag. So I have to mute the whole dang thing or just deal with it.

I think it comes down to people just want to POST and not fill out a form of tags and spaces and what have you. I know I’ve been a bit lost as to what to tags to use for a post before so it just becomes a guess or “well I guess that’s it” kind of thing.

What the heck is the good vibes tag for? I can’t pin it down just seems random.


goodvibes, imo, is for random thoughts that might make someone smile or something you found or a tip you just discovered.


better examples would be the happy birthday or national day of posts…just happy things to share