Special birthdays

Does anybody have a special birthday like on February 29th or on a holiday?
My birthday is on October 14th I haven’t met anybody with the same birthday as me


My due date was Halloween, but I came early on the 16th. That would’ve been so cool if I was born on my due date though! :laughing:


Unfortunately not :confused: but my teacher was born on halloween and my friends sister was born on february 29

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My due date was Christmas!! But I came December 8th instead. Im still glad Christmas is around my birthday anyway :slight_smile:


My family has odd dates

Dad’s birthday was April 30 mine is April 28

He died August 6, mom’s birthday was August 8, she died August 11 (3 days after turning 80)

So my mom and my birthdays are within two days of both his birthday and death date.

One cousins birthday is July 17, another cousin gave birth to her daughter on her own birthday July 18, my brothers birthday is July 19.


I was born on Labor Day.


My birthday is on Christmas. I don’t mind presents or anything that’s not what I care about. I like it because I get to spend the whole day with my family and make Christmas gifts for my cousins and see how much they love them.


mine is september 11th (09/11), but i was turning two whenever that had happened!

my sister’s birthday is november 26th (11/26), & her birthday is usually on thanksgiving due to the calendar rotation


I have never met anybody with the same birthday as me but there is a lot of people who have birthdays really close to mine

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My birthday is on Thanksgiving some years!


my bday is thanksgiving! (sometimes haha thanksgiving day changes)


SAME! thats crazy!


I have several friends with holiday birthday (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve) and my grandma was Feb 14th. My sister was due Christmas Day but came really early in mid Nov.


We have this a lot on my dad’s side… let me see if I can explain without names… here’s letters to represent each
My grandpa: A
His wife/ my grandma: B
3 kids: C (my dad), D (my uncle), and E (my aunt)

A born mid-Nov
B born beg Nov
C born mid-March
D born mid-Nov (8 days before A’s bday)
E born mid-Dec

E has 6 kids. Here’s the fun part
1: (m) A birthday
2: (f) B birthday
3: (m) mid-July
4: (f) end Feb
5: (f) beg Sep
6: (f) E birthday


D has his 3rd child (second daughter) sharing her mom’s (D’s wife) birthday!

My sister was 2 days shy of sharing D birthday

Finally, I was about 7 hrs shy of being born on great-grandma (on mom’s side) birthday


We have weird ones in my family. My dad and his brother share Jan 9, a year apart. Then they both had daughters (me and L) on Feb 22 (2/22) and we are two years apart. Plus grandpa was born on Christmas, and my cousin E was on New Years Eve. Plus, out of a huge family (50+ now that is cousins are getting married and having kids) NO ONE has a November birthday yet!

I also thought it was funny because I turned 33 on 2/22/22.


January. My ex husband

February. My boyfriends late father, his younger brother and older half brother

March. My boyfriends mom

April. Me and my late father And boyfriends late aunt And my boyfriend

May. My brothers younger two sons.

June. Another of my boyfriends late aunts.

July. My brother and two different cousins as I posted earlier

August. My late mother

September. My boyfriend’s nieces son

October. My brother’s oldest son and my boyfriend’s sister

November. My younger sister

December. One of my cousins and yet another of my boyfriends late aunts. The late aunts are all siblings of his dad

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Nope mines on Sept 5th


No my birthday is August 19th


Mine is March 26th. Not special at all.

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I was on Labor Day the year i was born which is pretty cool. Its the running joke of the family!