Spooky season? 👻🎃🦇

So i opened my ribblr today and there were multiple halloween tester calls! I just think it’s funny that most people are like “Oh october is spooky season!” but for us yarn workers, it’s the beginning of august! :joy: While in the topic, what’s your favorite thing about fall!


The leaves changing, the light sweater days, just the over all feeling! October though December is the best months of the year​:hugs:


Ohh I love everything about fall really! The gorgeous colors of the leaves, the nice cool weather, all the apple cider and pie and apple picking and pumpkin everything coming, warm drinks, cozy sweaters and blankets…it’s by far my favorite season :fallen_leaf:

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This is somewhat morbid, but discussing violent crime stories, and chatting abt serial killers is much more acceptable to some people then chatting about it in, for example…May…So thats probably the best part of the fall months

We’ll my mom doesn’t make soup or chili unless it’s cold outside so I love that about fall. And it’s just slightly cooler than spring and that’s how I like the weather.

Spooky season is all year round :relieved:

My favorite thing is the theme, the darker colors, its not as hot, spooky patterns, and crocheting outside without dying of heat! And school starts! I love school! :blush: