Spreading positivity! What were the highlights of your week?

Continuing our tradition of spreading some good vibes and positivity.
Let’s practice gratitude together!

Share the highlights of your week: what are you thankful for? What were some of the most positive moments you had this week?
Just by sharing you can improve your mood significantly.

I’ll go first -
This week I was particularly pleased to meet & help lots of new Ribblrs and getting their feedback. I am also really thankful for the HUGE group of birds who decided to stop by, every day, and eat from my bird feeder :relieved: It was relaxing and peaceful to watch them. They did, however, finish ALL THE FOOD I bought so I think they’ve been angry with me since as I’ve not yet had the time to buy more! :bird: :laughing:
Not the best quality, but here’s a moment I managed to capture:

How about you?


@saar I really like your captured bird moment! :blush:
I’m very happy I’m almost done with a beautiful tulip pattern by @leennorbart !!!
I love it, I only have the leaves to make and then I’m done! :blush:
I’m thankful for the crafting community, Ribblr, crafts, and patterns!
Happy Independence Day (4th of July)!!! (to those who celebrate! :blush: )


@saar It’s so nice to watch birds. We have several pairs of cardinals that frequent our backyard. Love watching them.

I had a good week! Fiber-wise, I finished a test for @ribblr. So cute! I’m nearly finished with a wedding shawl for my son’s fiance too. Working on the beading.

The USA will commemorate our Independence Day this weekend. So lots of celebrating and outdoor activities are planned with family & friends.

Blessed in Texas


Amazing! Can’t wait to see the FO.
Happy Independence Day and enjoy your weekend!


Sounds fun! Thanks for sharing and enjoy :us: