St. Patrick’s Day sale

Sionnach yarns over on Instagram has organised an Irish KAL. The idea is you use yarn from an Irish indie dyer or a pattern from an Irish designer (or both!). It’s starting on St. Patrick’s day. In honour of that I am offering 20% off on my Ribblr store. I added a code (StPaddy) to ravelry and STPADDY to Etsy but there was no option to do that here. To avail of the offer just make sure you have favourited my shop.

Two fantastic testers @stitchedwithstardust and @Immzie236 will hopefully assure you that it’s a very manageable make and not half as intimidating as it looks.


Ooo good luck with your St. Patrick’s Day sale! :smile:


Ooo, thanks!

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Can attest to this! It’s actually a lot of fun and broken up into manageable pieces! Would love to see more cottages ^.^