Staying cool?

Hellow! As many of yall know hurrcane Beryl hit south texas and left many people powerless (such as I). I have been without power for nearly 72 hours now. Which is well h3ll (pardon my fenech) in texas humidity. I need some tips on staying cool because center point (they are doing everything wrong. They said they were ready when they were in oklahoma smh) has said it will be a fee more days. I can barely go upstairs without my heart rate spiking to 140 (normally around 80 but with the heat its been 90-100). Its just been so hot and miserable and I would like some tips! Thank you


fill the bathtub and stick your feet in it
get yourself wet(wet your close lightly
also sammeeeee
i hope you get power soon!


If you have a fan put a bowl of ice or cold water right in front of it and have it blowing towards you it should blow cool air at you. Getting a wet towel and putting it on your neck or forehead will also help @FireStar like said above you could feel a bathtub with cool water and stick your feet in it.


there is no ice
houston has no electircity
i got lucky otherwise i might have DIED
it WAS SO HOT(90°F)
so i fell @XxTheCosmosxX we had to go to a coling center to survive
centerpoint suck to trash


Fr though. My heart rate is the lowest now as i lay infromt of two fans (on my dads giant battery) which is 89. Its beem 90+ since power died


I know you probably already know this but hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you can, look up emergency shelters or places that have power where maybe you can hang out. Is there a city close by? Government buildings? Generally these places will get power first, so even if you dont you can hangout in public places that may have power for a little bit to help keep temperature regulated.


Oh sorry
My thoghts were off
You need electricity in order to make ice (:expressionless: my brain not working)
Cool baths then?


Make sure you cover all windows and if you soak a shirt/towel with cold water, you could use it either as a cooling thingy for your body or you can put it on a fan and it should hypothetically blow colder air out. Also make sure you stay hydrated and eat food.


Hi!!! Aussie here without air conditioning! Usually I will have a cold shower, walk around the house in my underwear, keep the windows open, have towels around the place to wipe the sweat, and be sure to eat cold liquids!

But I got another tip, you know those wheat heat packs? Well, they can be frozen too! What I do to DIY is fill raw white rice in a sock, tie it off, and pop it in the freezer! It’s quite nice to sleep with :blush:


OMG dear. Sending you lots my prayers and the cold Dutch weather. Do not use bodylotion, it will prevent your body to release heat. Drink lots of water, to prevent dehydration. This will sound crazy, but you will have the urge to fan yourself. This causes your body to relief for a second, and once you stop trying to cool yourself down, your body temperature rises more. MOST important is to keep yourself hydrated. To cool down you can sprinkle water on yourself. DOORS closed, curtains closed. The heat comes from the outside. I lived in Turkey with heat we could not move, I had still my jeans on. The electricity and water shuts down every day over there.


hello!! i live in a country which is daily at 90F and 80% humidity so i somewhat understand your pain…

if you still have cold running water it helps alot to run your forearms / shins under cold water! it helps to cool your whole body down


SOAK your shoes and keep your hair wet too. Praying :pray: for you to have power soon


My point still stands on witchcraft. You might get burned at a stake which wouldn’t help the overheating but as long as your family and neighbors are understanding on the motive you’ll be fine.

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