Stitch decisions

Hi folks, I’m working on designing a top like what I’ve drawn up. I’m torn between hdc and dc for the body because I feel hdc is too bulky but dc is too holey, if that makes sense? The sleeves and tie will be their own thing, I just want a second (or third, or fourth) opinion


I would use hdc cuz yeah dc would be to holey. Unless you want like a swimsuit cover.


If you want the dc, there is a “linked dc” stitch that might work for you. Check that out.

Myself, I prefer the texture of the dc, sc combo, or lemon peel stitch. But that may just be me. :wink:


I’ve been crocheting for years and I’ve never heard of the linked dc!


woww that looks amazingg

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I would suggest the Wattle stitch, actually. Its a sc and dc mix into like ch spaces and stuff. Works up really pretty fabric pretty quickly. Lots of tutorials all over the internet for it, but, good luck with your pattern!


It’s really interesting. I enjoyed using it.

I have a reccomendation, but not a video link. I am not sure if this has a stitch name already but I use a sc, ch 1 combo in place of a DC. It isn’t as tall but definately not as bulky as hdc. Does that make any sense? :sweat_smile:

Your idea is goregous btw!

I prefer the look and texture of hdc myself

Linked double crochet

Thank you! I’m worried it’s going to stay an idea though :smiling_face_with_tear:
I think I catch what you’re describing, like an extended sc?

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Yeah I’m leaning a bit more towards hdc since I want the body to be as simple as possible (sleeves and tie as the statement)

I can stitch in hdc pretty fast too. A bit less movement required than for dc

omg it looks so cute!! i’d say use hdc but crochet a bit looser or use a bigger hook size

Yes! That is what I mean