Stripe isn't available in my country

Does it mean I can’t sell my patterns here? (‎(‎(‎ Will it be possible to sell through paypal in the future?


Hi and welcome to Ribblr!

You can add free patterns without a Stripe account but you would need one in order to sell patterns, so they can process the payment from the customer directly to you.

We integrate with Stripe as they provide a modern and secure service for designers with the lowest fees possible.
Stripe is currently available in dozens of countries, but definitely not all countries, although they are expanding quickly.

We are working hard to add support for as many countries as possible to welcome designers from more places around the world, however this is a rather complex and lengthy process so we appreciate your patience.

We will aim to prioritize countries with more demand so feel free to let us know where you are from :slight_smile:


I’m from Russia, and I doubt very much that stripe will ever be available in my country…


Please feel free to send us more details in a private message!
It is a challenge to support designers around the world, but it is definitely something we are trying to achieve.