Does anyone else have a huge issue with stripe?


I’m having one now but it’s kinda my fault I guess :joy: I wanted to log in some time ago but it wanted a security code I suppose to have but I didn’t have that code (didn’t get the email at the beginning) so website asked me for A LOT of information about me and my “business” that I didn’t even have. So now I have no idea what to do because I can’t ask for authorisation with ID card because my authorisation is “in progress”. So yea… basically I don’t have my account now and have no idea how to switch it to different on those websites I already linked it to


The Gremlin?

I don’t have a tech issue, but I hate how ribblr takes some money off your sadie and then after that so does stripe. it mages me kinda angry tbh

At first I could make a few purchases and then my card would get flagged and turned off. I would have to call my bank and confirm that yes it was me. It’s gotten so progressively worse that at this point my cards are now just strate up declined immediately when attempting to check out. I have the funds but my bank is basically just flat out refusing to work with it or something. Idk it’s extremely frustrating, and I didn’t know if anyone else was having these issues too.

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In Ribblr’s defense, they do have to pay employees to run the site and keep developing new features. At least they only take money when people make some, unlike some other sites that charge just for listing a pattern / item regardless of whether people make a sale or not (and comparatively, the percentage that they do take is less than what other sites charge), along with the opportunity to reduce their fee as well if you’re making a lot of sales / downloads (via selfee).

You could try to sell via Ravelry if you really don’t like the fees, but I’ve had a much better experience with Ribblr.


Banks flag small amount transactions. That is a pain. I’ve asked @Ribblr in the past to let us be able to have a shopping cart so that if we want to buy more than one pattern from one designer we can

Tagged this thread as a suggestion so that hopefully this can be implemented in a feature drop


Ravelry has fees too but I don’t know how they compare to Ribblr fees as I don’t sell anything anywhere

Stripe appears to work fine for me

Yeah they do (not sure if they are better or not), but they also use PayPal instead of Stripe so I imagine the fees are a bit different.

I don’t think Ravelry bases its fees based on PayPal. I don’t think Ribblr chose its fees due to stripe either

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that they do. I just meant that the total amount of fees charged from a sale will be different, not necessarily better or not.

Each company has its own unique corporate structure, budget etc. plus each is based in a different country. So a lot of different reasons to charge different fees

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Hi! What kind of issues are you running into?