Struggle with a bead

Okay I know this is pretty much unrelated to crochet/knitting/sewing but I’m really really struggling with this annoying bead and this is the only crafty community I know

I’m making a bracelet shorter and it has a bead that just doesn’t wanna cooperate. It’s like this:

Pulling through a piece of string through both sides and then out the same hole in the top.

I tried lots of different ways to get it to go through and all failed, does anyone have any idea how to deal with these type beads?

I tried looking up a tutorial on YouTube but couldn’t find any


Are you trying to get it off the bead or on to the bead? It looks like it’s wood is that correct?


It’s kinda like a fake tiger eye bracelet so it feels pretty smooth, rather than wood

It’s for my dad because it was originally too big and had to remove 2 beads on each side.

Basically the loose ends of the bracelet need to go through the one bead I send earlier, and then out the top, like going in at the sides and out through top

Like trying to get the bead on again :heart:


Idk if this helps or not but this is how basically the inside looks:

And this is how the 2 ends should go though:

But I can’t seem to get it through nicely, it was on the bracelet before so I’m sure the string went through like that, just no clue how to do it


:+1: Gotcha! I would keep trying, or if you have to, re bead everything on a different string


I’m not sure if a new string would work, most likely same issues again with the bead (because it’s like final bead and the knot is above like the top part where it should come through) but thanks :heart: I’ll keep trying a bit more


Ok! Yeah I would keep trying : )


Have you try with fishing line?
Cut about 8cm and fold in half. Make a V shape.
Attach the bracelet string at the pointed part, fold a little bit and secure with a tape… Do that on both sides…
I think it’ll be easier to go through the bead holes…
Just like you’re about to sew…


Thank you :heart: I tried something else similar as the fishing line but using tape as well might work


I can only do string bracelets, so I don’t know how to help! I would listen to the other advice you got though!