so, idk if you guys can tell, especially cuz some of you are younger, but I have BPD. I’m not proud of it and I try to keep it under wraps because I think I can control it. I can’t tho, and I learned that the hard way just now. It makes me not know what to believe or if I did that just cuz or stuff but I am going to distance myself rn. I left all gcs I was in and am temporarily leaving the RIbblr chat. maybe ill go back later, idk. i literally js now realized how bad this shitis so I’m js gonna watch futurama rn cuz idfk what else to do. i came here for a safe space and don’t know if I jepoarized it or someone else did so I’m backing away for a bit. I’m sorry to anyone I’ve hurt in the small time I’ve been here, I promise that’s the last thing I want to do, I’m unstable and I know it, that’s why I’m taking this break.


Oh I’m sorry. I hope you have a good break, and we’ll be awaiting your return :heart:


Im so sorry, ik that must be super hard. Ill be praying for you <3


I’ll be here if you need to talk, and when you’re ready! Much love!:heart_hands::heart_hands:


Oh please don’t feel bad take all the time you need the community will be her when you return!


oke, see you soon


Take care of yourself. Ribblr will be here when you return.
Internet hugs if wanted
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Hi there, I know we haven’t interacted before, but that’s part of what I wanted to say - Ribblr is a big community and there could be so many people here who are willing to listen/talk or who understand your situation (I’m already seeing some in the comments), and you just may not have found them yet! Please don’t struggle alone; please reach out to me if you ever want to talk or need any resources that can help you through this. Thanks for posting :purple_heart: