Suggestion: More space for pictures

Hi Lir and Saar,
First of all, I absolutely love the latest update and how it helps with uploading existing patterns quickly! :blush:
One thing I just noticed is that not all of my pictures show up when I leave Ribbuild mode to see how my pattern looks.
My doll patterns usually have many step-by-step pictures to make crocheting them as easy as possible. The one I just finished uploading has 32 images in total and some pages have up to 6 images on them.
Would it be possible to increase the space for pictures, so that 6 pictures fit on one page?
Thanks so much, Stella x

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Hey @StellasYarnUniverse
Just to clarify, do you mean the preview pictures?

Yes, exactly. Haha, you know what? I thought the preview pictures are the only thing people see. I only realised now, that each individual picture can be opened. :see_no_evil: :smile:
So never mind, it’s actually not that important. :blush:

Just a little thing I noticed is, when I download the pattern the pictures sometimes don’t go in the ideal place. For me this isn’t a big issue, because I number each picture. I just thought I’d let you know in case.
Anyway I hope that most people stay on Ribblr to use our patterns and take advantage of the awesome crossing out feature.

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I thought that might be the case :smiley:
We chose to preview four simply because we think it’s the sweet spot - a cute little preview and not too many photos.

Can you please tell me which pattern you had issues with when exporting a PDF version?
I’ll make sure someone will get investigate it.

That makes perfect sense. :blush:

It’s the Oliver doll. It seems it’s because the pictures are always lined up in groups of 4 in the pdf version, so when a section has more than 4 pictures, the remaining pictures are grouped up with the next set of pictures.
Thank you for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @StellasYarnUniverse
I believe this has been fixed now. Can you please double check and get back to me?

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The pictures are in the perfect spot now. Thank you so much! :blush: