Suggestion to move a group chat

I’m doing my second pattern test as a designer right now, and when there’s some downtime with messaging in the group chat for the pattern I get other notifications. Those notifications push the group message down, and it’s a bit annoying/harder to find it, especially if you are a part of another group chat or more that are very active.

So my suggestion is this; when a designer presses the button to “message testers”, could that group chat be added as a “personal chat” or maybe a new category of chat for the designer? Maybe something akin to “Testing chat”? It would really help a lot when it comes to checking something up (like a mistake) or to help get a clearer overview of comments that have been made.



Testing is done via private messages which are different to chat as they are designed for a more detailed and thorough discussion.

You can also use the bookmark icon to save any message or post, so you can easily jump right into it.

Hope that helps!


Alright, thank you for explaining. I’ll bookmark them from now on :slight_smile:


Also, on mobile version, in the notification settings, theres a button that looks like an envelope, and that only shows the chat notifications, not the topics.
Im not sure about pc version, but im sure theres an option for it too


There is, but it appears I’m too chatty for my own good :joy: 9 of the most recent messages show up there, and apparently that’s not enough for me ^^’ I came to think about this since I wanted to go back and double check something in my test-group for my elephant pattern :slight_smile:
Note to self–I really need to start bookmarking more