Suggestion- zones and spaces

I feel like it might be helpful if we had testing zone and pattern drop categories.
I would love to see more participation in the community from artists in all the crafts, but being honest, it’s dominated by amigurumi. Not that there is anything wrong with amigurumi, but I know that I found it to be a slight deterrent when I first joined. If testing calls could be separated into the different arts, and pattern drops got their own space, it may make sifting easier.


Interesting idea! :bulb: @Ribblr Any thoughts?


thays a really cool idea! do you mean there could be a section for crochet knitting sewing etc or broken down like jumpers, accessories, amigurumi, etc? :heartpulse:


When you post, the little box where you pick the space (testing zone, general, help and support, etc) would be “test crochet” “test amigurumi” "test knitting " then the tags could say the hat, scarf, sock part. So I could click on the search and look for testing calls for knitted hats or crochet sweaters, or amigurumi.
And maybe a separate space for pattern drops with a picture so that you can just look up “pattern drop” and scroll through pictures for the newest items.
And I whole heartedly feel that amigurumi and crochet should be separated. There is an absolute difference.


Thanks for your input!
We aren’t currently planning on separating spaces this way, as this is exactly what tags are for.
We do agree there should be better use of tags, and we all as a community should make efforts to help one another tag properly.

If you feel some tags are missing do let us know!


i agree!!! not all crocheters like amigurumi and not all people who make amigurumi like regular crochet :revolving_hearts: