1: Is it possible to copy a table that already exists (ie in word or excel) into the measurements page table option? Or do you have to manually re-create it in the table option on the measurements page? I’ve tried copying and it just comes over as text.

2: I would LOVE the option to have a table in the actual pattern, just like on the measurements page.

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Hi Abbey,
It’s not possible to copy an existing table just yet but it’s something we’ll work on. You can also add a picture if that’s easier for you.

I will note your request for tables in the instruction part of the pattern. At the moment it isn’t something we plan to add but we’ll definitely consider it! :slight_smile:

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Cool, thanks Lir. I know not everyone uses tables - they’re just so handy in tunisian patterns! Especially since heaps of my existing patterns have tables in them!

I can work around it. I just have to rethink outside the PDF box!

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