Taking a break from Ribblr

Hi friends! I’m going to try and be off ribblr for a while, this place has become too taxing and negative. As someone on the spectrum it’s just been more effort than it’s worth, even just lurking for a few weeks now. If you want to stay in touch please message me on ig, I always love chatting or sharing crochet stuff with you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Take care of yourselves!


Take all the time you need, Ribblr is meant to be a fun and safe place for everyone to use, I don’t know exactly the reason why it’s too taxing and negative, but always prioritize yourself and mental health! If it’s a specific person you can always mute them or if you come across something hateful/against community guides don’t hesitate to report it either! Stay safe and well and take care of yourself as well :blush:


I totally understand! You take as much time as you need! Come back when you are ready to!


Take time for yourself :purple_heart: sometimes we have to!


Hi :wave:
We’re here for you and would love to know more about your negative experience to see how we can improve.