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I have a Spotify playlist that I want to listen to during my school field trip but I don’t have the app or prememum so I can’t listen offline, I thought I could just download the audio and can listen to it through the files app(I don’t mind if it’s not shuffled). But it doesn’t auto play to the next audio. Do u guy have any suggestions or have any website where I could upload these video and play it from there or something like that?


I know literally nothing.

Lol it’s okay

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Maybe prime music?

Do they charge?

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I don’t think so?

My advice, Youtube your music. Then, open a youtube to mp3 website (literally just google it, it will come up) don’t pick one that looks tooo sketchy, and paste the youtube link, and then, make a file of them, and you’re golden as long as you can listen to mp3s on your phone, which you can, you might just have to download an app to read it. That’s what i can think of off the top of my head on how id do it as a sound technician.

I would then, cut it into one long piece, if that was possible and then no flipping back and forth.

Good Hank I will do this one