Temperature blanket

This year I have decided to make a temperature blanket, but I can’t decide how to make it. Please vote!
Here are images of what they would look like. Please note none of these are mine and are all patterns on Pintrest.

Star blanket
Puff blanket
puff flowers
Granny square
other flower

  • Star
  • Puff
  • Puff flower
  • Hexagon
  • Granny
  • Other flower
  • Other (please provide pattern in comments)
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i just thought the star looked easy and cute lol

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I’m making my son a temperature blanket for his birth year and it is similar to the puff blanket you have listed. I’m doing it in knit and not actually stuffing it. I’m also doing it in a circular pattern (similar to the star blanket)

Here’s my inspiration/pattern


How huge would they get? I’ve only done scarves, but they turned out awesome. They all look pretty cool to me but I think my favorite is the other flower. I like the connecting color and the dark around the flowers. Now I might have to make one …

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I just wanted to say thank you for voting kn my most recent poll! And the winner is Drum roll pleasee…… PUFF FLOWER! I will most likely be posting another poll at the end of the year for how I should border them!