*Test closed!* Royal Ridge Cowl Crochet Test

Tester Call Closed

The main things I’m looking for in a tester is good communication/feedback, and finished photos. The pattern test deadline is one week from when the pattern is gifted to you. Failure to meet the deadline will result you to not be considered for future pattern tests. You will also be required to post at least one finished photo on Instagram, and post a pattern project on Ribblr,

Also, would you be open to communicate via email, Ribblr, or an Instagram chat? If so, comment your IG handle (e.g. @yikes_yarn). I had an application linked on my Instagram, and so far a few people are interested in a group chat.

If chosen, you will receive a message on Ribblr by Monday, February 8th. Thank you so much for you interest!


That looks great! Can’t wait to see it live!