Tester call - Dino suits for nuimos!

Hello! I am very nearly finished my dino suit pattern and am in need of testers!! Anyone want to help me out? Preferable someone with nuimos to test the fit as well! (Doesn’t have to be chip or dale)

Pattern is based off the outfits they wear in Animal Kingdom!

If you are interested I am hoping for feedback on the pattern in about 2 weeks so I can post the pattern March 1st!


Omg! I so would!! If you don’t remember, I was wanting to make this in January for my brothers NuiMos. I just don’t have the time :sob:


I would love to test these for you!! But I don’t have nuimos if that’s ok.


You are both good to go for testing! I’ll send the pattern over right away!

@SierraCrochets07 - I am sorry I didn’t finish the pattern in time for your brother - but maybe a late birthday gift?

@Chachi03 - its fine to not have nuimos - it just means you won’t have a doll to measure the costume that it fits properly. If you have any doll around the same size (about 6 inches tall) that could work too!


These are so cute!!