Tester call for Crochet: 2023 Holiday Beanie

Hi everyone! I’m posting my first pattern for testing! I’ve never really done this before, so please bear with me.

This pattern can be made in a weekend. I use I Love This Yarn! , but Caron Simply Soft would work as well. I need ten testers to complete the project by August 1.


Congrats on your first post! When’s the due date, any specific yarn/yarn requirements, or other requirements you need?


I would like 10 testers, and the due date will be August 1.

I apologize, this is the first pattern I’ve tested.


I use I Love This Yarn!, but Caron Simply Soft also works well.

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I’d love to test this!:blush: I could use retro stripe or claret, both colors by red heart.

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Welcome to Ribblr! I’d be more than happy to test this for you :smiley:

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I am interested, but can I ask what stitch it is?
(I haven’t been crocheting very long and don’t know the more ‘fancy’ stitches)

I’m working on testing this and it’s very beginner friendly!

It’s single crochet all the way​:grinning:.

Except for the slip stitch at the end of the short rows.

i would love to help

Thank you. I would love to test it.
I have a couple of boys who love hats

maybe my browser is messing up, when I click on the picture it just expands the picture instead of allowing me to apply to test.

I would love to test!

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