Tester call for Crochet: Adorable Chunky Butterfly pattern !!

I need testers for my Adorable Chunky Butterfly pattern !! - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:
Heyy, I need 4 testers for my chunky butterfly pattern
-must finish before or on the deadline which will be the 21st August I AM FLEXIBLE THOUGH AND CAN EXTEND IT IF NEEDS BE BTW !!!

  • please send picture(s)
    -I have no yarn requirements but preferably don’t use the colour black as I would love to see the stitches and how easy it was to do it all
  • It would really help if anyone could tell me the stitch count between some rounds of the body ( I will give additional info if you are chosen)
    -Please communicate, id love feedback, any kind
    I will choose testers on the 16th of August
    Thank you all !!

    p.s. its 9 at night and for some reason its really dark and I didn’t take the best quality photo, and couldn’t actually see what I was takin a photo of so the wing looks a lil crooked but irl its not I swear :sob:

So cute!!!


omg this is so cute i would love to test it and post it on my tik tok! my tik tok is “jess_the_mess27”


omg id love to test, but I am preppy for a market, he is so cute though!

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haha no worries, good luck with your markettt !!!

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hi! i would love to test this pattern its so cute! my instagram account is crocheted_by.maria i’m new so i don’t have many posts on insta​:sparkling_heart:

I would LOVE to test this! We love all bugs in my house so this would be a fun one!

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(I’ll probably pick u )

Just applied! I’m a biologist looking to test invertebrate amigurimi patterns as a way to teach myself pattern making. I’d love to test this little cutie - I’m currently on medical leave so I’d likely be able to finish it same day.

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This is adorable.

@leaders please could you close this :))