Tester call for Crochet: Baby Loaf dragon

This is now closed, but i wanted to say thanks so much for all the applicants, and i wish I could pick more of you. If I haven’t picked you dont be disheartened, and please apply again next time. Xx

Hey guys, I’ve already released this pattern, but I still wanted a few people to test it for me so others can see the journals.
What I would like:

  • 3-5 intermediate level testers, preferably with craft wire for the wings, this is optional though.
  • You can use any weight yarn, and any color, as long as you post an image in your journal stating the weight and hook size.
  • A final image of the product in the journal.

I might use tester images on the patten images, but if you’re not happy with that that’s fine.
I will be picking testers tomorrow, on the 13th of october, and the deadline is the following saturday, on the 21st of october.
If you’re interested, please apply, and leave an image in the comments of the most complicated pattern you’re made, or the pattern you’re the most proud of. Thanks again, and I hope to see some of you soon in the testing chat!

I need testers for my Baby Loaf dragon - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


Hey! It would be great if I could help you and test out this little buddy! :smile:
Regards complicated pattern I don’t really remember which one was the hardest but for sure I’m really proud of this work:

Pattern wasn’t really complex or complicated but that yarn was hell :laughing:


I would love to test i just finished testing like 3 so they should be in my journal if you want reference!


The most complicated pattern ive done was an angle from i made for my daughter i had to adjust the pattern i got because the directions didnt match up for sizes.


The piece that I am most proud of is a Harry Potter inspired, also Pinterest inspired, Monster book crochet hook case that I am currently writing the pattern for. I just have to finish the flaps and the lining to hold the hooks and it is finished!


Hi I’m new to Ribblr but I’ve been crocheting a for good while now. I don’t have craft wire but I do have pipe cleaners that have wire if that is acceptable.


Thats so cool


Thank you!! Definitely lost some hair trying to do this​:sweat_smile:

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Ive tested quite a lot of your patterns lol, this is so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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