Tester call for Crochet: Berry the Spring Bear

I need testers for my Berry the Spring Bear - Crochet ePattern
Hiiii i’m looking for some testers for my very first pattern - Berry the Spring Bear. He is part of @SunshineStudio ‘s Spring amiguruMAY collab

Due date: june 3rd

Additional requirements

Please read everything!!

:cherry_blossom:no very strict yarn requirements just different colors for the flowers and a mostly neutral tone for the bear (preferably plush yarn but will accept a few acrylic testers)

:blossom:must post a journal with at least ONE good picture (for my tester appreciation post) and pls no feedback in the journal

:cherry_blossom:please be active in the group chat NO GHOSTING!! :ghost:

:blossom:be willing to provide feedback about spelling, grammar, wrong stitch counts, etc.

:cherry_blossom:i will be choosing 5-8 testers because this is my first pattern (maybe more if a lot of people apply)

:blossom:please tell me what yarn weight, colors, and hook are going to be used in the comments

:cherry_blossom:this pattern will be free for followers

:blossom:willing to give extensions (i don’t bite :wink:) but will be removed from testing if you have not made contact within 2 days

:cherry_blossom:must be following my shop and i would appreciate it if you followed me so you could stay tuned for more tester calls

:cherry_blossom:some sewing experience required (head, legs, arms, nose, ears, flower)

:blossom:comment your favorite flower so i know you read all the requirements : )

:star: some people that wanted to be tagged - @MaddiIdell @RainbowPenguin2 @craftycellist @JaeaRenee

:star: i will be choosing testers in about 2 days sooner or later (i’m about to go on vacation so don’t be scared if u haven’t been chosen within 2 days) : D
sry about the photo, i will be taking new ones later
Click pattern photo to apply:
Berry the Spring Bear


So cute!! Wish I had time to test it


I don’t have time to test :sob::sob: he/her is so cute :smiling_face:


aww cute! gl with testing!


I would love to test this cute lil guy! I would use pink for his flower, black for his nose/mouth, and white for his body. All yarn would be plush/chenille. Probs a 5mm or 4.5mm hook. Looks adorable!!! <333


So cute!


Oh she would be cute as a black bear with a white or blue flower :heart_eyes:
Lillie’s are my davorite flower :heart:


my favorite flowers are peonies :blush:


He is so cute. I will use chenille yarn. I don’t know if white or light brown for the body and pink or purple for the flower. If you don’t mind combining different yarns, I would like to make a sunflower with acrylic (I don’t have yellow chenille) (I would like to make that sunflower, which is my favorite flower but I don’t know if it would look good). Hook 3.5mm-4mm. I have to see what combines best. I have small safety eyes so I think I’ll have to embroider them.

I have already done other sewing projects so it wouldn’t be a problem.

I really want to try that yarn. It would be my first time with her.


omg amazing mimi<3 wish i had time to test but im so busy i finally just finished my pattern lol…RIP…hehe


it’s all good tysm u guysss it means a lot

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