Tester call for Crochet: BUNNY-OVERALLS SET

I am looking for 3 crocheters to test this intermediate-level pattern for a bunny!

Click pattern photo to apply:

Be able to finish testing and send me a final photo + feedback before August 20 and post your final work on your ribblr

Use 4-ply yarns of any weight for the entire work as we need to split yarn for some small pieces. (I use Fine/sport yarn)

I use a 3.00mm hook for the major piece, 2.00mm and 1.50mm hook for the charm

You need to finish 1 bunny body, 1overall, 1 bucket hat, 1 canvas shoes, 1 bum bags 1 flower charm; you don’t need to finish the lace and embroidery part on the pattern.

Give me some feedback and let me know if anything is missing or any mistakes.

I will choose testers in 2 days.


This is so cute! Good luck with testing! (-:


Ahhh I wish I had time sooo cute!! Good luck with testing :blush:


This is unique and so adorable


I wish I had the time I am so busy so I don’t have much time to crochet, wish you luck :four_leaf_clover:

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I would love to be a tester for this adorable bunny, but i do not think my skills are there yet.

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