Tester call for Crochet: Charley The Cactus

I need testers for my Charley The Cactus - Crochet ePattern

We have another amigurumi pattern for testing.

Click pattern photo to apply:

Looking for a couple of people of varying abilities to test. Preferred yarn would be a cotton dk, such as Ricorumi DK, but happy to accept substitutions. Just let me know what you are going to use.

When testing we would like you to keep an eye out for typing errors, stitch counts, ease of use & understanding, ect. There will be a separate and specific message thread available for posting all queries and corrections. Please do not post pattern details in the journals.

We do like all testers to complete journals with photos as this really helps other makers to choose patterns. Journals are like reviews.

Upon completion and publication testers who complete the pattern, will be gifted the pattern.

Timeframe will be approximately 14 days, but we are flexible. If you can complete in that time, fabulous. If you’re accepted and then find you can’t complete in that time, just message me to let me know.

Applications will be reviewed and accepted within 24 hours. @AceAth3na101 and I are UK based, so there may be time delays in getting back to you.

Thanks in advance.


I would love to test.

i just adore the little heart sewing details!!

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