Tester call for Crochet: Christmas Stocking Ornament

I no longer need testers for my Christmas Stocking Ornament - Crochet
I removed the picture so there will be no more applicants. Thanks for all the interest.

This is an intermediate pattern. I try to use pictures and videos to make it easy for you. I can patiently explain things also. You have to stitch up the heel (explained well, I think) so if you need a “no sew” pattern, this is not it. Hence, intermediate.

Due date is December 1st. It’s a fast pattern though, so if it could be done sooner, that would be great. I used an H hook and also a C hook. So hook size and yarn don’t matter for the test. Any colors are fine also. Bulky yarn should work the same, but I did not try it myself.

I would like 3 colors used for the test. After successful testing, you will be gifted the pattern, and then you can make it with only one color if you choose to.

I will message all applicants, even if not chosen.
I will send a group message for the testing comments and add more testers as needed. Karma is not important. If you have none you can still apply.

The first requirement is simply a response to the group message so I know you got the message. Yarn type and color choices are good to send to initiate conversation.

Secondly. Follow through. Finish the test. Do not apply if you cannot test in a reasonable time. Please don’t wait to start until the day before the due date.

Third. Add a final picture to a journal. Along with thoughts of the pattern. No pattern discussion is to be added to the journal. That should be in the group message.

4th. I will gift the pattern to all that complete the first 3 requirements on or before the due date.

Do not apply if you don’t plan to follow through. Do not ignore messages. If you don’t hear from me, there may be a glitch and you should message me. If you don’t follow through you will not be chosen again in the future. Some exclusions apply.

This is really easy. Just do what you say you will do. Yay for Ribblr testers. Let’s do this.


Very nice ornament :smile:


Thank you. I love the way it turned out.


So cute

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Cute! :star_struck:


Lovely ornament well done :+1: