Tester call for Crochet: Crochet Cocktail Squishmallow

So, I figured this would be easier being my first release on here to also post the pattern on my page for free for people to try for 18 hours.
Used size 5 mm hook with size 6 yarn

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When is the due date and what yarns would be good


I personally used Bernat blanket yarn size 6, but if you have something similar or close that works as well! I would like to have them done within the week/next week if possible!


Would it be fine if i made it in a thin yarn


Yes that’s fine, just use a hook that works well with yarn!


awww so cute!!




I would love to test! :two_hearts:

Hi, not being rude, but its cockateil not cocktail as cocktail is a drink lol and cockateil is the bird x

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Hey,Can i use other colors?

Any chance you could make a tester group message :blush:

Also I have finished so it would be really cool if you could look at the journal i did and maybe give me the karma point for completing it thanks :blush: also it was a super fun pattern

Honestly I don’t even know how I did that lol! I must have just not paid attention :woman_facepalming: lol

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Awe awesome!! Sorry I’ve been trying to figure out this app, I just started pattern making and posting, so I’m trying to figure it all out to be able to check it out!

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Thanks :blush: you can go to the pattern and click assign testers then click gift and remove :blush:

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