Tester call for Crochet: Crochet Cow cuddlie!

I need testers for my Crochet Cow cuddlie! - Crochet ePattern

Due Date: July 16, 2024.

Additional Requirements:

:speech_balloon: put these emojis “:butterfly::birthday::tada:” in any part of your comments to apply.

:yarn:no required yarn or hooks.

:alarm_clock:must finish on time

:notebook:must do a journal

:camera_flash:must be good at taking photos

Click pattern photo to apply:
Crochet Cow cuddlie!

Hope you all have fun! Testers will be announced either tomorrow or the next day.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover::+1:


Woo cute!!

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cheating so I dont have to search for all the emojis


I would love to apply! :butterfly::birthday::tada:


This would be soooo fun to make​:butterfly::birthday::tada:

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:butterfly::birthday::tada:How cute!

So cute.

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Congrats @Heavenstar64 @eelisab and @EmHath ! You can now test the pattern.

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Thank you for picking me.

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Your welcome!

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I would love to test

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Winners have been announced.

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Thank you!!! I will get started on this in the next day or two!!


All done!! Only issue is the body spot needing to be adjusted.


Could you send me the rnds? So I could edit the pattern. Also it’s very cute thank you

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I will look at my notes in the morning and get it to you!

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:butterfly: :birthday: :tada:

Also just realized, you were supposed to send that in the GC.

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