Tester call for Crochet: Crocheted Stash Buddy

I need testers for my Crocheted Stash Buddy - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: 7/13
Additional Requirements: Ability to crochet over a hair tie
Click pattern photo to apply:
Crocheted Stash Buddy


Good luck on your testing! You’ll want to include any yarn/color/hook requirements you may have. And in your case, you’ll probably want to add info about the jar (?) the testers will need.


I did, its in the pattern, like i commented on the last post you said this on.

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Having it in the testing post allows potential testers to know if they have the supplies need in order to apply to test.

We typically post reminders on every testing call - even those from the same OP - to ensure that all testings go as smoothly as possible. It isn’t anything against you personally. :purple_heart:


(Dont take this offensively as it isnt supposed to be) But not having it in ur post abt the tester call may make u lose testers after you choose them due to them not knowing they need a jar or whatever it is that isnt crocheted in the pattern until they start working on it. Its just better if u include it in ur main post. You also might not have as many people apply since they dont know exactly what they need.


Also just wanted to let u know you might wanna include if you have a specific yarn you would prefer them to use or if its up to them


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