Tester call for Crochet: crocheting frog

I need testers for my crocheting frog (inspired by my pfp)!!!
Click pattern photo to apply: (more info below)

Hi! I had the idea to make my profile picture into a plushie! I made my frog crochet, but I would love to see everyone add there own personal twist! Please leave a comment on how you would make your frog to increase your chances!

Another way is to leave a comment on my instagram post (lilyy.crochet) saying you would like to test, and adding a purple Heart :purple_heart: so I know you are from ribblr!

I am looking for 5-10 testers, and testers will be chosen august 7th!

Thanks everyone for the support


First off I would give the frog cross eyes because I think that’s cute. Second I think I would give it a little tongue.


I would make the frogs twinkle (with little stars as its pupils). I would add little wire in a form of a hook to place in their hand while holding the yarn ball.
I also thought the frog could also hold a lily pad over its head while protecting the yarn ball.


Any yarn requirements? I only have acrylic atm


I would probably give my frog a little hook too along with the yarn! I would use safety eyes and maybe even add some crocheted pink circles as blush! I would love to test this, it is such an amazing idea!


I would just prefer the chunky yarn for the frog and size 4 yarn for the lily pad!!


Is there a due date? I’m thinking of making it with a soft green color, making him a hat, or some more accessories.

Is it ok if I use other yarn?

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I will choose testers august 7th and the due date is one week later

Ok thank you!

For the frog to be proportional it would be best if you use chunky yarn for the frog and medium yarn for the lily pad

Aww too cute!

I have some chunky yarn but it’s not blanket yarn but it’s a bit chunky

Applied! I only have white chunky yarn so I would sew on little colored sprinkles to make them a confetti/ice cream frog. Maybe even a chocolate drip on top :thinking:

Super cute pattern, hope I get picked!


I would make a little pink frog with plush yarn and give her a friend to crochet with!! A whole crocheting frog armyyy!!! :frog::frog::sparkling_heart::yarn:
Btw I’m literally obsessed :grin:


i would probably make a little boat or top hat for the frog

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i would add a lil crochet hook and a lotus flower on the side! can i do it in acrylic yarn?


if i shouldn’t use acrylic, i have pink chunky yarn, so i can make it a strawberry frog

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I would make the frog with rainbow acrylic yarn(I’ve bin told I do really tight clean looking stitches) On another note I have only just learned how to read patterns and have only followed 2 so far. This will give you a clear beginners perspective


I would give the frog a hook in his hand to make it look like hes crocheting and id add a heart on his stomach and id add a flower to the lily pad!