Tester call for Crochet: Daffodil

I would like to use worsted weight and an f hook if that works. I am short on colors in blanket yarn at the moment . I could make it today or tomorrow!

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Ok guys, picking tomorrow! ALSO… I am doing a giveaway on my IG for my lady the bug pattern AND plushy (US shipping only) tomorrow if anyone wants to apply? @ crystals.cute.creationz


Does it have to be white and yellow? I know those are typical daffodil colour but I dont have and yellow or white. Just thought i would ask. I mostly only have bernat super saver weight 4 in brown, pink, red, and green and some other weight 4 in a couple different shades of blue

I would love to test this! I would have use acrylic yarn as I can’t find a fluffy yellow anywhere :sob::sob:

I’d use acrylic! I only really have acrylic dollar store yarn atm due to financial issues lol

Would love to do this in worsted weight with a 4mm hook!

Beautiful! :two_hearts:

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