Tester call for Crochet: Diglett Pokemon Plushie

I need testers for my Diglett Pokemon Plushie - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hello! I’m looking for a couple of testers for my new pattern! Depending on how many people apply, I will be choosing 2-6 testers.

Here is some more info:
-Due date is December 15 (12 days from today)
-I used premier parfait chunky yarn with a 5 mm hook, but you may use any yarn as long as they are similar colors to mine (make sure to use a corresponding hook size)
-A public journal with at least 1 picture is required
-Please only sign up if you can finish by the required date
-Reply with the yarn and hook size you will use

Please don’t be sad if you aren’t chosen for testing, this will be a free pattern on my shop!

Thank you!!!
-Sasha :upside_down_face:🩵:yarn:


Oh my goodness this is perfect! My younger brother said this is one of his favourite pokemons so id love to make it for him as a Christmas present! I would really appreciate it if i could test!
I would use size4 acrylic with a 3.5mm or 4mm hook


Awesome! :heart:


I love Pokémon, im currently working on a baby psyduck pattern. I currently only have 8ply cotton yarn in brown, grey and pink so i could be a tester for that. I would be using either a 3.5mm or 4mm hook, might try some saftey eyes if i have the right size also. I could even send a pick of my supplies.


Great, I think that should work! You don’t have to send a picture of the supplies, you can just apply to test.

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@leaders please close this tester call.

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