Tester call for Crochet: Doll Dress for 14 inch doll

I need testers for my Doll Dress for 14inch doll.
Crochet ePattern.

Finish by Tuesday September 5th
Sport weight yarn
F hook (3.75mm)
Journal upkeep

Click pattern photo to apply:


I would do this but I can’t finish it that quickly.

And the only sport weight I have enough of is pale blue. If that’s okay.

The color is purely up to you. I am preparing for a trip at the end of next weeks that’s the only reason I need it by Tuesday.

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Updated finish time due to going on a trip.

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When you get a chance, can you describe what stitches you want in a “shell”? I’m stuck and can’t go any further.

Shell is 5 DC in the stitch.

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Thank you!

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