Tester call for Crochet: Draken inspired cardigan

Testing Call!


Craft: crochet

Type of Pattern: cardigan

Pattern will be sent to testers by February 2, 2024

Due Date: May 2, 2024 (3 months)

Number of Testers Needed: 2-3 per size XS-5XL

Type of Yarn Needed: You can use lace/ fingering/ sport weight yarn for this project, thicker yarns are not recommended

Amount of Yarn Needed:

Contrast A: 1750-2300m

Contrast B: 940-1230m

Please use at least 2 colors for this project.

Hook/Needle Size: 2mm (the size of the hook can be adjusted)

Any Other Material Needed:

  • Tapestry needle

  • Stitch markers

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • Pins (optional)

Level of Difficulty: Above intermediate

Expectations of Testers:

  • Have a public crochet related IG/FB/Ravelry account

  • Join the tester group on IG (if you have IG)

  • Finding and correcting grammar mistakes/ wrong instructions/ wrong number of stitches in the pattern

  • Post at least 1 WIP photo/video during testing phase (story/ post/ reel)

  • Please send feedback and photos to me by May 2, 2024

  • Make a post/reel on your IG/FB on the release day

  • Do not share the pattern with anyone.

Sizing Info: Finished hip circumference (Pattern has at least 15cm of positive ease):

  • XS: 98.5-101cm

  • S: 104-106.5cm

  • M: 111.5-116.5cm

  • L: 121.5-126.5cm

  • XL: 131.5-137cm

  • 2XL: 147-149.5cm

  • 3XL: 152-154.5cm

  • 4XL: 157-159.5cm

  • 5XL: 170-172cm

Other Information About the Test:

  • The pattern is written in English US terms. This is a made-to-measure pattern, thus GAUGE IS NOT REQUIRED.

  • This is a colorwork project, but because we don’t change colors mid-row/mid-round, you won’t have to worry about weaving in all the ends. The pattern contains constructs for hiding 90% of the ends at once. In the end, you’ll only need to weave less than fifteen tails.

  • I will contact selected testers and send out part 1 of the pattern on February 2 (part 2 will be sent after you finish part 1), and part 3 will be delivered after you finish part 2.

    Click pattern photo to apply:


this is so cool! i wish i could test, but clothes take so long :sob:


However, the outcome is worthwhile, isn’t it? There will be a three-month testing phase!


How much yarn does it take? Also what kind of yarn did you use?


I would also add the due date, when you’ll be picking testers, if a specific yarn/yarn color is needed and any other requirements you may have for testers, good luck with testing! :smile:


Estimated amount of Yarn Needed:
Contrast A: 1750-2300m
Contrast B: 940-1230m
You can use lace/ fingering/ sport weight yarn for this project, thicker yarns are not recommended. I used lace weight yarn, which is cotton and silk blended.


woahhh this is so cool!
I wish i had the time/yarn to do this :o


All the requirements I already listed in the intro. For further information, kindly click the image above and select “look inside”.


Thank you. Yeah, a lot of yarn and work go into this creation.


The image is to apply to be a tester which then gives access to the pattern if you are accepted as a tester so it’s not available for view to determine if they can be a tester if that makes sense :smile:


woa this looks so cool and good! i wish i could crochet clothes :sob:


You have no idea how bad I’ve been wanting to make thissss.
Please let me test :face_holding_back_tears:


Oh, I got it. I just updated my post. Thank you for your helpful advice.


I sent you a DM, please check it


Looks amazing! Good luck with testing. :smiling_face:


i should have a crochet Instagram soon,
i don’t have it just yet, but will definitely have it by the end of testing! if i got chosen for testing I would do a size XL (i like oversized clothes lol)


I’d love to test but starting my Masters this year so don’t think I’ll manage to finish on time :sob: :sob: How much will the pattern be after it’s released? :pleading_face:

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I have yet to decide. The official pattern will cost around $10 or less

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Would love to test this 3xl size

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I sent you a DM, please check it

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