Tester call for Crochet: ERAS tour bag (taylors version)

I am exited to DEBUT my new pattern and I am asking for some FEARLESS crocheters to SPEAK NOW and apply for this pattern test. So grab your RED even if it was made in 1989. Don’t worry about your REPUTATION because I will be choosing lots of testers so you can turn this pattern in to a FOLKLORE to be passed down forEVERMORE. I hope you don’t spend your MIDNIGHTS finishing this bag.

So make the crochet bag, Take the moment and taste it, You’ve got no reason to be afraid.

For anyone that doesn’t speak swiftie I’m having a tester call for this read inspired crochet bag.

Instructions for entering:
Follow my Ribblr and Instagram
Like the tester call post when it comes out
• Leave a comment on this post and comment on my Instagram post when it comes out and (optional) tag some friends who might want to test
•Post the first slide to your story and tag me when my Instagram post comes out

My post for this will come out about Tuesday so you guys are getting early access

Please note:
-Pattern is beginner/intermediate level and involves color changes
-I will pick roughly 10 testers
-You must have Ribblr or be willing to make an account
-Applications will close in 5-10 days
-Please have the pattern finished within 2-3 weeks and provide feedback
-This bag uses a 5 mm crochet hook with weight 4 yarn

  • make sure you have/ are willing to buy the colors that you need for this project ( a color for the main part of the bag, green, yellow, pink, red, blue, dark green, black, dark blue, purple, and gray)
    I need testers for my ERAS tour bag (taylors version) - Crochet ePattern
    Click pattern photo to apply:

I like the way you speak Swiftie lol.


This pattern looks like it would be fun to do and my daughter is a huge Swiftie!


Make sure you follow me on instagram @Crochetwithaudrey. My tester call will come out on there soon


omg i love the phasing :scream:
sadly i dont have enough colors in the same weight
gl with testing :heart_hands:


I love this soo much!! I don’t have those colors!! :sob: :sob: :sob:
good luck on testing!! i want this so bad…


I will be selling this pattern and you would get plenty of time to buy yarn


By then yes I would have time to buy the yarn, but I can’t buy anything on here sadly…


I understand that I would love for you to buy ethe pattern when it’s done


Just to make it clear you must have Instagram and follow me on there to be able to test as of now. If you don’t comment below some of your past work for me to see. If you have Instagram on Tuesday be on the look out for the tester call and you will also need to apply through there

I’m assuming the beads are for photography purposes or do I need to purchase another thing that will become a hyper focus? :rofl::rofl: still applying regardless.

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They are just for the pictures because of the friendship beaclets

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I assumed as much. Thank you. Good luck for picking testers and testing as I’m sure this will be popular :two_hearts:

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Interesting pattern to try.

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