Tester call for Crochet: Genevieve the Guinea Pig

I need testers for my Genevieve the Guinea Pig - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hey y’all! I’d love to get 3-5 testers for this cute Guinea Pig pattern I came up with! I would definitely call this pattern beginner friendly, the most complicated stitch being a Bobble/ FLO. I will choose testers by Wednesday night, the 6th, at the latest and the Deadline for completing the test with a photo of the finished product is December 10th.

There isn’t a specific yarn/hook requirement, so feel freely to let your creativity fly when picking your color(s)! Please don’t hesitate if you find an error, or if you have a suggestion you think could be helpful/ an improvement on the pattern design! I created this pattern because of my emense love for Guinea pigs, and I shockingly didn’t have much luck hunting for a simple but cute pattern, so I made my own!

I would also prefer/ like testers to be able to post via IG if possible when finished and tag me so I can see the wonderful piggies you come up with! Thanks so much!


I would LOVE to test as my cousin and I co-own our own little bunch of guinea piggies :heart::heart::heart:

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