Tester call for Crochet: Giant Bong Buddy

I need testers for my Giant Bong - Crochet ePattern

Due Date: within 2 weeks of getting pattern.

Additional Requirements

🚨 Please read everything 🚨

✨️ Please provide good pictures!
✨️ Provide Feedback!
✨️ Comment that you appiled!
✨️ Complete a Journal!
✨️ No ghosting, be active in our group chat!
✨️ Due date: , If not please let me know you can’t finish.

✨️ Tell me what yarn and hook size you will be using in the comments!

✨️Thank you for applying!

Click pattern photo to apply:
Giant Bong


Ive tried to apply but it just keeps saying internet issues… hopefully you keep this open till tomorrow and ill try again


Applied :grin: :hugs: will probably use a fluffy-ish chenille type yarn it’s on the thin side :hugs:

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I don’t know if commenting bumps these posts. but just started this testing if anyone else wants in on it!

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