Tester call for Crochet: Hanging String of Pearls

I need testers for my Hanging String of Pearls - Crochet

I need 3 testers, due by 31/1/24 and it uses scrap wool or 25g green, 20g terracotta or pot colour and 7 grams brown
Click pattern photo to apply:


Good luck on your testing. You’ll want to include when and how many testers you’ll be assigning, yarn requirements and the due date. :potted_plant:

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Does it have to be brown or could we use black if we dont have brown? I might have some brown left but would need to dig in my mound of various yarn, lol. Thought I would ask just incase I cant find any.

It can be what ever colour you like, I just put what I used. I’m very new to all this and just wanted to make sure the pattern is understandable.

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