Tester call for Crochet: Jennie Pocket Shawl (Closed)

I need testers for my Jennie Pocket Shawl - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

You will need H hook and worsted weight yarn approximately 1500 yards

Ive only started writing patterns so its very basic. There are no photos or videos to help you with the pattern yet.

2 week time frame
3 usable photos of your finished item that I can use in my listing
Keep track of how much yarn you used.
Id like there to be open communication and progress updates.

Please apply if interested.

Thank you everyone, I have enough testers! :blush:


I can test for you, my yardage would be an approximate because I would use some from a scrap ball and get more of the same color but I could also weigh the shall and inform how many grams I used. I love making shawls and Iā€™m positive I could work this up in the time frame.


Is the picture the shawl we would be making?


Yes, thats the one :blush:

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Awesome, thank you so much! I approved you.

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Okay, sorry I was confused, because you said you didnt have a picture yet.

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No, Id just like more photos for my listing, especially in different colorways. It helps a lot if other people can see that you arent the only one thats made it. Plus its always exciting to see what colors other people use!


I would love to test. I have some Mandela colored yarn I would use. I would be able to work on it next weekend.

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Sounds great! I added you.

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Beautiful! Good luck with testing