Tester call for Crochet: Jerry the Jellyfish

Hey everybody! I have another pattern for testers! I need 4-7 testers, and will choose testers on May 1st. This pattern is called Jerry the Jellyfish and is my first amigurimi pattern.
Due Date: May 12 2024
Additional Requirements:
Please make a journal.
Send a photo of how your Jerry looks when it’s done!
No yarn requirements, I would appreciate acrylic yarn, but I’m interested to know what Jerry would look like with plush yarn.
Comment what yarn you are using if you are applying please!
Click pattern photo to apply:

Also sorry for how many requirements there are! Also lmk if you need more time to make Jerry. I’d rather you tell me then just completely ghost.


So cute!! Good luck with testing


Cute good luck with testing!


Thank you!!

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I’m extending the times for the due date and when I pick because I haven’t gotten anyone to test quite yet.

I will choose testers on May 4, and the due date is now just May 14

I can do in either yarn might do both just cause I also wanna see what it looks like with plush yarn

Ok thanks!

Only one tester at the moment, I’ll just wait until I get more

Due dat is now May 20

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i’m so sorry that you haven’t been getting testers! this pattern is adorable! i just applied for it and i hope you get tons of testers!

It’s okay! Thank you for applying

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I applied! I would make it in plush yarn :smiling_face:

Ooh yay!!!

I’m working on it now - would you like me to message you with corrections?

Yes, please that would be appreciated!

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