Tester call for Crochet: Kuromi beanie

I need testers for my Kuromi beanie - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: 07/03/2024
Additional Requirements:
Click pattern photo to apply:
Kuromi beanie

Please say something if you need more information on how to do it.:purple_heart:
Thank you. :revolving_hearts:

If you have any other ideas of beanies or stuff for :tada:fandoms​:tada:
like… How to make :bear:Freddy​:bear: from FNAF
or how to make :heart:Cat Alastor​:heart: in crochet
or if you can think of more patters you don’t know how to make,

comment so I can post another :sparkles:Free Pattern​:sparkles: for my dear fandoms.
Thank you.

Love you all… Comment to say hi…
Comment “:100:” so I know you’ve read everything :heart:

Crochet hook size: 8mm
Yarn colors: black and purple or pink.
Yarn sizeing: 8mm blanket yarn.


Good luck on your testing! You’ll want to include a due date for testers to finish by.


thank you. the due date is done.


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