Tester call for Crochet: Low sew gingerbread man

I need testers for my Low sew gingerbread man - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hi everyonee

As promised heres my mini gingerbread man pattern, im sorry the photos not the best but its the only photo i have of it before it sold so i may make another one and get a better photo, wo unfortunately u have an edited photo for now, i just drew around in white as there are lots of background stuff

Due date is 6th december so 4 days, its a simple pattern and can be made in less than an hour x

This will be a free pattern

You can use any colour, yarn or weight you want, i dont mind, id love to see all types so reply with what one youll be using

Journal for opinion

Groupchat for mistakes

I will be choosing 4 testers

If you are new and are struggling to get picked for testing because of not having any karma, reply with a :purple_heart: and i will do my beat to allow you to test

Thankyou so much
Huggs/roro x


He is soooo cute! And free too! Super generous of you :heart:


Would love to test!!


Adorable!! Good luck with testing Roro​:two_hearts::sparkles:


So cute!! I was looking for a good gingerbread Pattern! :heart::heart_eyes:, I have less than five karma so :purple_heart:?


So cute!!

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